Online courses, tests, and polls

Test your employees and students, create online courses with video tutorials, analyze the results. Try to create your online course or test right now!

Learning through video and audio lessons

Add content as a YouTube video, mp3 or mp4 file or one of your previous event recordings on Pruffme. 

Branded courses,tests and polls

Customize design of your courses and tests. Create several uniquely designed sections in one course.

Add materialsfor lessons

Create unique courses by adding content in a variety of formats. You can create a simple audio course with MP3 files or a complex course with presentations, pictures and videos.

Add webinar recordings to your course

Select your previous event recordings from your files on Pruffme to add them to your course.

Control students’ progress through tests and homework

In our editor you can create both small tests with closed-type assignments ("Single choice", "Multiple choice", "Ranking"), and video courses with homework that you can evaluate and comment on ("Assignment", "Essay")

Filter studentsby specific parameters

For example, filter students by the percent of the video they watched or find out which tests caused the most difficulties or were the easiest ones.

 Monitor yourstudents' progress 

Track the progress of participants in your courses and tests. Evaluate the assignments, and adjust the list of participants by adding new students and removing old ones.

Detailed personalized reports 

Download detailed progress reports of any student or general course progress overview in PDF or in Excel format.

 Multiple course scenarious

Create several branches within one course and add unique content to them. Set the conditions for the rules for each branch and create many scenarios for your course or test.

Course analytics

Analyze your course metrics to make its content better. FIind out the most difficult or the easiest lessons and how much time their completion takes.

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